Professional European Style Interior Designer

If you’re a person who prefers tried and true design elements, the European style is for you! Through the use of furniture, lighting, and décor, European design achieves a comfy-cozy look in any home layout. Decorating Den Interiors understands which design elements work together to create a beautiful, welcoming look. Plus, our access to hundreds of materials help make creating a European room in your home simple.


The European style combines elements of traditional design with modern elements; comforting accessories with cozy furnishings. Incorporating European design in your own home is all about pulling elements of color, texture, and shape from different styles of design that work together to create a unique and cohesive look.

There are a few staples in European design:

  • Furniture: The European style celebrates cozy, bulky furnishings. Think tufted chesterfields, broad sectionals, and overstuffed recliners. From pretty, intricate floral patterns to bold colors, these pieces are typically upholstered in soft, breathable fabrics.
  • Colors:  Muted neutrals are indicative of the European design style. Shades of subdued green, warm yellows, watery blues, and playful pinks and grays pay homage to the pastoral atmospheres found in Europe.
  • Accessories:  The neutral schemes used in European design are made more playful with the incorporation of accessories. Elements like floral paintings, linear textiles, potted plants, and shelves of elaborately bound reading materials truly bring the look together.

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